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 Focus on high quality cable for many yearsBased on quality, win by wisdom
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Ordinary cable

Common cable type is singleAt present, the cable type in qinghai market is single, especially lacking medium and high voltage cable.

Unable to provide professional servicesTechnical personnel strength is not qualified, construction experience is little, unable to provide professional cable installation services.

Inadequate equipmentCommon cable business equipment is not complete, without strict testing, there are serious safety hidden dangers.

Product comparisonService comparisonDevice comparison

Juzhilong cable

Professional productsJuzhilong produces many types and types of cables, including charging pile cables, mineral insulated cables, medium and high voltage cables and so on. Especially in high voltage cable, fill the vacancy of qinghai market.

Provide professional serviceCable installation technicians, all through professional standardized training, are familiar with each product, to provide you with professional cable installation services, but also a series of pre-sales, sales, after-sales service to provide you wit

A series of specialized equipmentJuzhilong has 21 sets of production equipment and 32 sets of testing equipment, all of which have been strictly tested to provide you with safer and more reliable cables.

National Service Hotline 0971-7176767


Years of industry experienceProvide more professional wire and cable production services

The company has 123 employees, 21 management personnel, 14 professional and technical personnel with high and intermediate professional titles. After professional standardization training, it has a complete set of standardized production process and provides one-stop good reputation service before and after production!

More than 2000 cooperative customers have been recognized and praised by customers!

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Brand cable manufacturer International quality certification, provide you with products and services of high quality and good price

Cable adopts strict production process, is a set of design and development, production, sales, service, one-stop modern enterprise. The company has passed iso9001-2015 quality management system, iso14001-2015 environmental management system, ohsas18001-2007 occupational health and safety management system certification, CCC certification, and relevant products have obtained production license, providing you with high-quality and reliable sources and quality assurance.

Strict price standard: clearly mark the price, strictly follow the company's price list for all services, and put an end to the phenomenon of arbitrary pricing and charging.

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Diversified product selectionA wide range of products for customers to choose from

Aluminum strand and steel core aluminum strand, 10-35kV medium and high voltage XLPE insulated power cable, 1kV and 3KV PVC or XLPE insulated power cable, 1kV PVC (or PE or XLPE) insulated overhead cable, 10kV XLPE (or PE) insulated overhead cable, all plastic power cable, aluminum alloy power cable, PVC or XLPE Insulation control cable, PVC insulated cloth wire, pre branch cable, and hundreds of varieties and thousands of specifications of cable, such as low smoke and low halogen, low smoke and halogen-free, fire-resistant and flame-retardant. Among them, the production of 10-35kV medium and high voltage cable fills in the blank of Qinghai medium and high voltage cable production industry, and the annual output of the company reaches more than 15 million meters. The products are widely used in industrial plant, real estate, hydraulic power station, photovoltaic power station, municipal street lamp, charging pile, 10kV cable into the ground (pipe gallery) and other industries.

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About usQinghai juzhilong Cable Technology Co., Ltd

Qinghai juzhilong cable technology co., LTD is located at 16 kilometers of ningzhang road, beichuan industrial park, xining city, qinghai province. Registered capital of 15 million yuan, is a collection of design and development, production, sales, service, as a one-stop modern enterprise, is the current high level of standardization in qinghai province wire and cable production enterprises. Since its establishment in 2016, the company has won cu ...

 China's cable industry will be the future
China's cable industry will be the future

The characteristics of the cable industry in China is big but not strong, high-end products, core components still need to import, domestic companies that engaged in cable production 5000-7000, of the top 10 largest production output, howev...

What are the types of wires and cables?
答:Electric wire and cable applications are divided into three categories: 1. Power system Power system used in wire and cable products mainly include overhead bare wires, bus (bus), power cable, power cable (plastic cable, the paper (basic) t...
Waste copper wire and cable processing te
答:The purpose of the pretreatment of waste wires and cables is to separate the copper wire from the insulation layer. There are four main methods: 01. Mechanical separation Mechanical separation can be divided into two types. (1) drum peeling...
Future development trend of indoor cablin
答:As standardization organizations increasingly feel the need to adopt more common protocols in their work, the emergence of new technologies (such as enhanced category 5 and 6 cables, gigabit Ethernet, upgraded field testers, fireproof cable...
The maximum power capacity of 2.5 square
答:2.5 square wire load The load of the wire depends mainly on the current and also on the voltage level. Under normal circumstances, the safe carrying capacity of 1mm2 below 50A is 6A, the safe carrying capacity of 1mm2 under 50A is 5A, and t...